Versatile structures and a full selection of materials for the Eurocon sandwich panels

  • Lattiarakenteet (En)

    Floor structures

    The sturdy floor structures, suitable for all transport cages, have glue-laminated wooden beams and reinforcements for various mounting needs.

  • Kattoelementit (En)

    Ceiling elements

    Preinstalled reinforcements and electric conduits. The lengthwise and/or edgewise curved structure increases the toughness and durability of the roof element.

  • Seinärakenteet (En)

    Wall structures

    The reinforcements and electrical conduits of the versatile wall structures are preinstalled. There are also embedded binding rails or aluminium pipes inside the walls.

  • Päätyelementit (En)

    End elements

    The end elements, with customer-specified dimensions, have built-in reinforcements for mounting.

  • Muottiovet ja ovielementit (En)

    Mould doors and door elements

    Corrosion-resistant and waterproof mould doors are a superior solution for the door structure in refrigerated and frozen-goods transport.

We manufacture Eurocon sandwich panels for use as floor, roof, wall, end, and door structures in commercial vehicles. The largest panel size is 18,000 x 3,400 x 170 mm, and the sandwich thickness can range from 10 to 170 mm.

We offer an extensive and environmentally friendly range of material options for our sandwich panels. The right material is chosen on the basis of the solution need:

  • Gelcoat-finished reinforced plastic laminates, including various colour options and several types of fibreglass solutions
  • Aluminium, steel sheet metal (painted, coated, or galvanised) or stainless-steel sheet metal
  • Plywood or glued laminated wood panels
  • Gluing of the elements with two-component polyurethane glue
  • Insulation using XPS and EPS polystyrene and PVC foam
  • Built-in reinforcements, made of, for example, wood, hard foam, steel, or aluminium
  • The option of affixing binding rails and rub rails during manufacture
  • Also available: special floors with return-air ducts, water pipes, or resistor cables for heating
  • The option of gluing a Eurocon aluminium profile with longitudinal grooves or polishing to the surface of the floor. Availability in two thicknesses, for tougher or more lightweight loads

Read more about the various panel solutions: floor structures, ceiling elements, wall structures, end elements and mould doors and door elements.