Special products and product development

SpecialfloorThe end user of the product is not always the heavy-vehicle industry. Indeed, sandwich panel elements can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Thanks to their durability, Eurocon sandwich panels have been used to build, for example, horse- and dog-transport trailers, newsagent’s outlets, and kiosk stalls / vending stands. One of the most well-known results of our product development in Finland is the floor structure devised for ice-cream truck manufacturers. Among its key characteristics are light weight and diffusion-tightness.

Special projects: Large mould pieces

Our flexible production and the manufacturing technologies we use enable the manufacture of large moulded pieces implemented as special projects. Examples of solutions manufactured via the mould technology:

  • Shaped pieces
  • Elements of various types
  • Sandwich panel elements and sandwich panels

If you need a special solution that we can implement with our sandwich panels, we will be glad to contribute to the product development.