• Tuotanto 01 (En)

    Order and design

    The customer’s order is processed, with the output being a work description for the production line.

  • Tuotanto 02 (En)


    The components to be used in the elements are dimensioned and manufactured at the pre-manufacturing department.

  • Tuotanto 03 (En)

    Production line

    The prefabricated components are glued together.

  • Tuotanto 04 (En)

    Production line

    Assembly is performed on the gluing line.

  • Tuotanto 05 (En)

    Measurements and final inspection

    Finally, the product is cut to exactly the dimensions ordered and checked. Then it is sent to the customer.

  • Tuotanto 06 (En)

    Special products, such as mould doors

    Special products – mould doors etc. – are manufactured according to the customer’s requirements.

  • Tuotanto 07 (En)

    Delivery directly to the customer

    The finished elements are sent to the customer straight from the factory.