From maritime containers to the commercial vehicle industry


Eurocon’s expertise with sandwich panels goes back to 1969, when the company entered business with the manufacture of roof and wall elements with a reinforced plastic surface for maritime cargo containers. In the 1960s and 1970s, heavy-traffic volume grew and the company started also manufacturing sandwich panels for the commercial vehicle industry. Since 1978, the company has specialised in sandwich panel solutions for the commercial vehicle industry.

Finnish expertise

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have reached a significant position in the supply of sandwich panel solutions in Finland and Northern Europe.. A significant proportion of our production is exported to Central Europe. We have 6,600 square metres of production facilities at our plant in Tuusula, Southern Finland, and employ approximately 40 people. Environment-friendliness is a key value in all of our operations. In fact, we go out of our way to ensure that the panels we manufacture do not become problem waste after their useful life. Eurocon Oy has been certified as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant for its management of quality and environmental issues.

Our goals

  • We always provide the most suitable solution for each customer need, with the best overall economy
  • We are the customer’s reliable partner
  • We always deliver the products at the right time

Our goal is a satisfied customer. To this end, we provide competitive and high-quality products, flexible operations, and application of our extensive experience in response to the customer’s needs.

Continuous product development

Continuous product development is the cornerstone of our business. Working alongside the customer, we continuously develop new ways of implementing body structures in a cost-efficient way that meets our customers’ needs. We can cite as an example of our product development the FINKIT cargo-space kit, refined to meet diverse transportation needs. With our product development, we have applied our expertise even beyond the commercial vehicle industry, offering solutions ranging from small-scale transportation needs and showcase vans to ice-cream vans and newsagent’s stands.